Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Three times

Three times these past few days, or should I say thrice, I've played live Texas Hold'em in white tie. No, not a white tie. "White tie". Full dress tailcoat. Full evening dress. Tails.

  1. Saturday, before a full dress dinner, an annual Guys Only thing I've been inducted to. We had a little 5-seat Sit'n'Go and a few beers at my place before the dinner. Very loose play of the "any two" variety. Second place.
  2. After the dinner some time during the night (not allowed to leave until at least sunrise). Of course I brought a chip set, especially since I'd heard that the year before they'd also played poker but didn't have any proper equipment and used crackers, olives and pieces of sausage for betting. Very very loose play of the "any one, two or zero cards can win" variety. In honor of Joe Hachem's winning hand in the WSOP 2005 Main Event, I played 37o. The flop: x37 = two pair. The turn: 3 and Full House. All in! A caller! He "only" has pocket Queens = two pair against my Boat. River: Q, better Full House for him. Don't know which place I went out in. We had a very wet bar...
  3. Tuesday, before another little affair where white tie was required. Just a little Heads Up of the "we'll at least have to see a flop every time" variety. Won!

And a last one that doesn't really count. After coming home after midnight from the Tuesday affair I played two 0.5/1 NL THE tables while gradually getting out of the clothes, slightly inebriated. Poker had been a topic of conversation, so I simply had to top off the evening with some quick'n'dirty power poker. After ten-fifteen minutes I was wearing only pants and up 60 and that's a good time to stop playing unless it's strip poker.

Countdown until takeoff towards Las Vegas, Nevada and the WSOP Main Event: 77 days