Friday, January 22, 2010

The future's so bright

I lost my newest pair of prescription glasses last summer but had an older pair that I've been using, but I'm not really comfortable with them so I ordered new ones.

Ray-Ban® Wayfarer to be more precise. Stylish, classic, yet I only have to add a short-sleeved shirt, tie and pocket protector to get that "60s NASA engineer"/geek/nerd look I have no problem with.

I'm very near-sighted but I wear contact lenses all waking hours, I almost only wear glasses between bathroom and bed and vice versa (and on those rare occasions when I can't use contact lenses) but that's no reason to have ugly or weak glasses. In fact, with these Wayfarers, I will probably use them in the daytime sometimes.

And for when I don't do that, I won an auction for Ray-Ban® Wayfarer sunglasses at Tradera (the "Swedish eBay). Half price, special for you, my friend.

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I'm cheap, thrifty, money-pinching or what you may call it, so I'm putting thoughts about laser surgery on hold for a year or so more, so I haven't spent money on this for nothing.