Sunday, June 03, 2007

Expletive not deleted

So, played the final with a first prize of a seat in a live satellite to EPT Barcelona. Ten-player SnG for those who got the most points in the May ranking tournaments.

One player, let's call him Ass, was very reckless even before, and when his AA was sucked out by a J on the river giving the player with JJ a lot of chips all hell broke loose.

Ass raised or went all in almost every hand, and the second worst thing was that he was completely unpredictable. Sometimes completely empty, sometimes high pocket pair. Sometimes bluffing, sometimes hit the flop very good. Noone dared face Ass down.

The worst thing was that it was around the time of the AA vs JJ hand Ass commented that he couldn't and wouldn't go to Barcelona in September!

So why play in the ranking tournaments? Why play in the final?! Why not Sit the fuck Out?

He knocked me out! Stack dwindling since everyone was careful and didn't want to risk everything on a draw or against this maniac. Starting stack was 2000, I'm down to 800 and get pocket Eights. Blinds 75/150. All in. Everyone folds, except Ass(clown) who has AQ. Board QQ4JJ and goodbye. Then soon after he knocks one more out with rags. He had a 6 giving him the 6-high straight with another player having KK. All in after the flop I think and drawing to the straight.

Then he sits out. Saboteur!

Oh well, that's poker. But he won't get any respect from me next time, if any, I see him again.

So now I'm going for the June ranking. It starts well, with a third place in the first ranking tournament.

Played live Saturday, a rebuy tournament. Didn't have to and couldn't make a rebuy (since I was never under the bar) but didn't get many playable hands. Made the addon, then out in sixth place of nine.

I recovered that, and then some, in the cash game. Then I got home and got to the final table in a multitable but was annoyed by the payout structure. Here I get to the final table after three hours with 230 participants and I get three times the buy-in back. First place got 68 times the buy-in back. I could've made more playing SnG. Skim a little from first place and let it trickle down to the final table so you at least get more than from a SnG.