Thursday, July 01, 2004

A sip and a cheat

In poker, you just need a chip and a seat to have a chance.

I played some cheap real money tournaments online at Partypoker. In the first one, I was down at rock bottom twice, no chips left and the cards held up. I outplayed two other players, meaning I was the one that won when they went all-in. Then I was even chip leader for a while before busting out at fourth place, and that was close. I had pocket threes and went all-in with the 700 I had left and had one caller. The board comes up Txxxx and unfortunately the caller had TK on hand and so I'm out at 4th, but had survived for a long time.

Then another table where I'm out at 8th, my draws didn't come.

After that, two more consecutive tournament tables where I end up in third place on both. The last one was nice when all the maniacs (pre-flop all-ins with almost anything goodlooking) were gone, we were chatting, enjoying ourselves and also really playing poker, not just depending on random chance hoping to get good flops.

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