Thursday, August 12, 2004

On the bubble in a subsatellite

Silly editing frame managed to wipe out my eloquent writing about my NL Hold'Em tournament play. Writing it again, shorter.

$1 sub-satellite at Expekt, one for each ten players can win seat at $10 satellite, where one out of ten can win seat at $100 final, where one out of ten wins seat at $700 live tournament.

Sixty players, of which I'm one, enter (meaning the six top places go on to the satellite on Sunday), and after an hour, I'm in 3rd place of 26 remaining.

After nearly two hours, I'm at the final table! Shortstacked though, and with only 680 in my stack when the blinds are 300/600, I go all-in with those and my JKo. They don't hold up and I'm out at 8th place. Eighth effing frigging bleeping place when six "get paid". That is called being "on the bubble".

I hung around and chatted a little making a little smiley :-) comment about 8th place and suggesting that two of those remaining could forfeit. Please? One player said that 8th is not as bad as 7th, but... It's still the second most painful place.

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