Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Poker Christmas

I got a lot of poker related Christmas gifts this year, I wonder why? Just because I'm going to the WSOP in seven months, maybe?

  • A hooded sweatshirt with Las Vegas and generic casino-ish neon signs printed on it
  • A map over Las Vegas
  • Hellmuth's "Play poker like the pros"
  • Shot glasses with the card suits on them
  • A poker magazine

And when shopping the days after christmas I got for myself some tumblers with Jack, Queen, King and Ace cards and the card suits on them. And some lighters that look like a stack of three chips.

The only poker related gift I gave was to my dad, I'm treating him to a "Poker Night" at a casino. A package deal where you get a three-course dinner, Hold'em introduction and a tournament without prize money, just a tin cup. Just so he can try it "for real".

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