Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bubble again

Just a quick post, soon the $50,000 freeroll "for Swedish players only" starts at Partypoker.

Was at a freezeout tournament at our local poker club today. Twenty players, four players paid.

The pivotal point (last time it was when I flopped a set of Aces) was probably when I with K9 turned a King-high straight and called an all-in. Made it to the final table where:

  • My raise with AA under the gun wasn't called.
  • My all-in shortstacked with A9o was called after some goading (against the guy I've knocked out of tournaments twice before with AA), he had ten-something and wasn't helped.
  • My all-in with pocket nines was called. By pocket threes.

Getting short, the blinds are high, antes are in effect. Play KQo, no help on the flop, call a high bet (five times big blind?) on the turn, no paint (Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces). Yes, a King on the river! I call the all-in (I'll beat almost any pocket pair, Ace-anything/Ace high). Nope, he has KAo and I'm out.

At the effing bubble. Fifth place with four paid.

I hope I do really well in the freeroll. How sweet it would be to finally strike gold and win a big one or be at the final table. Says the guy who won a seat in the WSOP 2006 Main Event on a freeroll... But I'm not there yet, hearing "Shuffle up and deal". And my Internet poker play is low-limit ring games, preferrably $0.25/$0.50 fixed limit or $0.05/$0.10 no limit, cheap ($5-$20) Sit'n'Gos and cheap ($10) multitable tournaments. I do OK, but no "holy sh*t that's a lot of money!" moments. I'm tight when it comes to money management, I never go "OK, I won $100, now I'll play a $100 tournament tomorrow". Instead I finish fourth or once or twice third in five $10 Sit'n'Gos and tilt in a $20 multitable plus I hit a bad streak in the ring games and it's back to square one. Or win a $2 or $5 Sit'n'Go. Woohoo... Uhm.

As I've said before, I play a lot of poker with my bankroll but there's never been that Big Moment yet. But maybe I'm downplaying the wins I've had, after all I've won or been in the money in live tournaments. But there's never been the Quadrupled Bankroll, merely the Octupled Entry Fee or so.

Who dares wins.

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