Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yet again

Another homegame tournament No Limit Texas Holdem, wild and crazy. We were six players and there were seven rebuys. I made one, one guy made three.

Same procedure as always, I do well in the middle of the game, I was in a massive chip lead in the middle phases, helped by for example a flopped Aces full (had AA, flop comes QQA, bingo, yatzee). Then much of it goes away when I with A3 in an unraised big blind flop two pair and the guy with a straight draw and a flush draw tags along and after all in hits the case flush on the river.

One hand can make you and one hand can break you. Third place, on the bubble.

My participation in WSOP 2006 Main Event draws ever nearer. Only four months to go now! I made the hotel reservation two weeks ago and last week I arranged the flight, finally. Now it's just waiting, waiting, waiting annnd lift-off!

Next Monday I'm treating my father and brother-in-law to a Poker Night at the regional casino. A package deal where you get dinner, gaming introduction and a Holdem tournament with some tin cup as first prize. Just so dad can try it "for real", he plays around a little online but only with Play Money.

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