Monday, September 25, 2006

Bubble Boy returns with his brother

I've written earlier about not giving up in a poker tournament just because conditions look bleak at the moment.

This weekend I played in two multitable tournaments where this was proven once (or twice) again.

First one, 500 participants and 50 paid. When we were 51 left, I was at 51st place stackwise, but in a good position to wait a few hands more and to hope that someone else was knocked out on the bubble, there was no ante. But no, and finally I'm the Big Blind and I just about have enough to cover it and get some change, so I go all in no matter what the others do. And whaddya know, my JT hold up against J9 and I survive.

The very next hand I get KA and all in again. And they hold up against JJ when I flop another A. In the end, I finished 17th.

Second one, 233 participants and 30 paid. One of the very short-stacked ones with 31 left (and the two tournament chip leaders at my table).

But just wait and someone is knocked out at another table so I'm in the money. Finished 27th.

It didn't pay much, just about three times and twice the buy-in respectively. But if you've played for 2-3 hours, why not hang in there by the teeth and nails so you've at least not wasted the buy-in. In another MTT this weekend, I finished 89th of 533 participants with 60 paid, that's just how it is.

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