Thursday, May 31, 2007

Be that as it May

During May, I've played almost all of the tournaments at a site that count towards a ranking. Points awarded for 1st to 15th place, usually between 20 and 30 participants and your best ten placings count.

The last tournament was played Wednesday, and I was already in the top ten in the ranking, but I came to the conclusion that I would have to play this last tournament as well. I came to that conclusion after I looked at the scoring and who were registered for this last one. If that player placed very high (1-3) thus giving him many points and this other player also placed reasonably high, out of four players who were a threat to me, then there was the possibility that this would knock me out of the top ten. So I had to play, and relax first when they were knocked out or placed such that they wouldn't score enough.

I outlasted all of the threats and actually finished third in the tournament and finally third in the ranking.

This was important because the top ten in the May ranking will play a ten-seat Sit'n'Go Thursday (May 31) evening. The winner will get to join a pokersite team (Team 5050Poker) which will eventually be nine or ten players, who will go to EPT Barcelona in September to play in satellites to the main event. Also sharing possible winnings 50/50 with the team.

So, there's a shot for another big live tournament. (I've already played in the WSOP, *yawn*. Been there, done that, got a T-shirt and a cap). It's going to be tough though. All players in this SnG are good, otherwise they wouldn't be in the ranking. This is different from some one-shot freeroll donkfest. Of course I think my chances are better than one in ten to win it, but nine other players also think their chances are better than one in ten.


Kind comments, best wishes and "good luck" have been expressed between the players on the discussion forum. We'll see what happens with that when the first bad beat or suckout happens tonight...

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