Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Czech it down

Nope, no trip to Prague. Twelve participants, one prize, and I finished seventh.

A pair of eights with three big blinds left, calling an all in and getting called behind. Last caller had AQ and two Queens on the board equals Goodbye.

In other news: I saw a new thing in Full Tilt Poker's plethora of tournaments, Knockout. A bounty on every player! A portion of the buy-in goes to the bounty, the rest to the usual prize pool. Knock a player out, and you get his bounty. Knock five or six out and you're freerolling.

I played one and made it to the money. $3 buy-in, 50 cent bounty. I kept a careful count of how many I knocked out and it sums up to: 2. I called an all in with JJ, he has 33, haw haw. A 3 on the flop and I'm out. $5.21 prize plus $1 in bounty, minus $3 buy-in and 30 cent rake. Uhm, a neat little profit of almost $3. Go me!

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