Sunday, September 28, 2003


I bought a toy synthesizer/keyboard at the flea market this morning. No means of plugging in headphones or ability to use a mains outlet, only battery. But it's a gadget! And a gadget that goes *Bleep*, *Zing*, *Bling*, *TockaTockaPschPsch*!

Doing nothing much this quiet Sunday afternoon. Messing about with a Wiki, playing some online poker with play money, ordering some tools online (knife, sharpening steel, thingy whatchamacallit for making threads), creating this blog...

Ah, the thingy whatchamacallit is called a tap&die set. In German it's Gewindebohrer- und Schneideisensatz.

One thing I really appreciate about this blog site (apart from it being free) is that you can post-date the entries. I think I can dig up some musings and ponderings from my "diary".

Note to self: Make your own template. Begin every posting with the word I, because blogging is about me, me, me.