Sunday, November 14, 2004


About a week ago, I discovered that Iggy, a fellow Blogspotter, a notorious pokerblogger, had mentioned my little blog among (thirtyfour) other blogs. Now I see that he has put the link (among a hundred others) in his listing on the right. So, at least someone has found me. The statistics over daily pageviews sometimes soars into the double digits, wow!

Pokerwize, not much. Been in a few NLHE freerolls, best placement 198th of 6000. Or out early. In the no-limit freerolls, it's like in limit poker; you can only afford one mistake at most, or one mistake for every two successes. Things have to happen early, either you go out early on a gamble (riverred or kickered) or you build a stack so you can survive at least a few blinds waiting. It's no fun having $10.000 in chips when the tournament leader has $100.000. But! Things can change fast. The other day I was down to $800 in chips late in the tournament and a few played hands later I was up to $18.000. (Then down again, then out).

I'll probably maybe tentatively enter in a live tournament next Sunday, if there are seats left. I'll know during the week if I'll have other commitments and obligations. The last time was fun, even if I didn't win anything.

If you're running a poker tournament, definitely check the (Windows) software The Tournament Director out.

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