Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Four of some kind

We had our fourth li'l homegame NLTHE tournament yesterday. Much fun and a few beers was had by all, we even had a "guest" player aside from the regular crew. Five players, could have been seven. Maybe next time.

As usual, a few hands that induced groans of pain, most memorable was the flopped flush going all-in out of necessity and being beat by a riverred aces full of kings. And some hands where neither player wanted to back off, bets are rising and at the showdown "So you have an ace and a jack as hole cards. Me too.". Split pot.

How did I fare? In the three earlier tournaments I consistently placed second, but now I finished fourth out of five. But I didn't make a rebuy, which three others did.

Once again, if you want to run a small poker tournament (4-40 players) and have a Windows computer, I can very much recommend the software The Tournament Director.

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