Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Obi-Wan has taught you well


Yesterday we had our li'l biweekly NLTHE poker tournament. Six participants, prize money to first and second place. And it just wouldn't work for me. I made two rebuys, yet I ended up in fourth place. Maybe I shouldn't've done the last rebuy, at that time I wasn't at least the first knocked out. Four rebuys in total, giving money to Mr. MA in first place (he's won two times before) and Mr. MF (second place, has finished last or second to last all the previous times, yay for him). Totally disrespectful to the fact that it's my poker equipment.

I'll never play Queen-Ten as hole cards again.

Oh, well, in less than two weeks I'll participate in a live multitable tournament that has potential for many participants. Maximum 70, last time we were 43. Could work out, could work out... Now I have even more live experience, can play the players, not just the cards.

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