Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another win

Yes! Regular biweekly homegame (NL THE), five participants and I won.

Made good calls on the hands that mattered, set traps and often won with ace kicker or overcards.

The final hand was great. Had A6 of spades and at the river there was 2345x on the table, although the last three cards were diamonds. Do you see it coming? Our regular female player (also the hostess) whom I was heads-up against also went all-in with the remaining 4050 she had (about 30000 in chips in circulation, and we have rebuys) and I promptly called. As I thought, no flush, she had an Ace and had hit the Wheel (A2345 straight). I first showed my Ace "Oh, split pot?!" and then my 6, 23456 straight "Daaamn!".

I deserved that win, having played our homegame twentytwo times now and with this only won twice and lots of second places. But she deserves a win too, not just this time. :-)

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