Sunday, September 25, 2005


Live poker tournament (NL Texas Holdem) today, with rebuys and addons.

Not much to say, same procedure as last live tournament, I made rebuy and addon, did well (My KA-allin stood up against pair, my calling a KA-allin with pair (nines) worked (flopped a set). Then a large portion was eaten up by chasing a nut flush draw and I get rags for a few blinds and get very short and the last all-in didn't work, as per usual.

I helped out by providing and running a laptop with Tournament Director on, and counting out the prize money. (I love handling MONEY.) For that I got "comped" the table fee and intermission meal.

But TANSTAAFL means "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch". I made the buy-in, rebuy and addon and ended up in 17th place of 29 players. Oh well, 16th place went to the winner from last time. Variance, you know.

Played a quick S'n'G online when I got home. 4th place of ten, not in the money. Pocket aces, all-in preflop and the b'strd who calls with 9T rivers a straight.

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