Thursday, January 05, 2006

A knack

I hadn't played a tournament at Pokerblue for a while, and after watching the TV show "Las Vegas" (the one with James Caan), I entered one. $5 Fixed Limit, 59 entrants, 9 paid.

Grind grind grind (this is Fixed Limit, no fancy play) and three hours later... I'm number one! Switched gears at the right moments (in hindsight) and met good resistance from the final five or six. $103 to me, from an entry fee of $5. Feels good. As I commented in the chat "Hmm, maybe I have a knack for this poker thingy.". I had a good feel for the cards, knowing/feeling when the opposition was on a draw and didn't hit it, having a good draw myself and hitting it on the turn or river, knowing when to hold and to fold. That little "edge" that makes it proper poker, not just lottery.

In my mentality, that win gives me a good bankroll to give twenty more $5 tournaments a try, or ten $10 tournaments, or keeping it and do as I use to, grind at fixed limit until I have enough plus to enter a multitable tournament and maybe get a good ROI (Return on Investment) again.

"Our" poker club has a freezeout tournament the weekend a week from now. Extra bonus from the sponsor, first place gets a weekend trip to a tournament in Tallinn, Estonia. Could be nice for a warmup, I'll certainly give it a shot.

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