Wednesday, January 04, 2006

They are learning

Our regular loose homegame tournament is getting routine now, but there's always some little quirk to make it interesting. We're really getting to now each others' styles and can add a little finnesse. Hehe, there were two plays of the special hand "The Hammer", which is 2, 7 off suit, raised before the flop. I had one, no more betting until showdown where I lost, and one other player who did get trip sevens with it.

Other hands: Four of a kind, Kings. Short 77 all-in vs AA, flop Axx, turn 7, river not a 7. Me knocked out with a flopped trip Queens, which the opponent also had, with better kicker.

If it weren't for the fact that we have rebuys for the first four blinds levels, I think I would place better. The same scenario often occurs: I don't have to make a rebuy, when the rebuy period is over I have three, four or more times the starting stack. No other player is very short stacked and I cant push them out of a pot. Players get knocked out so the blinds that have risen come around often and nibble away 5-10% at a time.

Six players, I came in third. Winner: Miss P, our female regular player. She has placed first three times now, whereas I've only placed first twice. This cannot be! But I've got lots of second places, and in the long run scoring, unweighted, with 3 points to place 1, 2 to place 2 and 1 to place 3, I'm in second place.

I really would be more comfortable with more players, we're short handed, I'd like 8-10 around the table. It's so marginal. Lately there has been more close calls all around; Pair of 10 vs pair of 9. Jack-high straight vs Queen-high straight. Flopped straight vs turned flush. When we started it could be highest card King that scooped the pot at showdown, but we don't get to those situations anymore. All have enough sense now to not just play made hands, but also outs and not necessarily going to a showdown. They know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. But why do I have to be the Obi-Wan?

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