Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Some promises before my going to Las Vegas and playing in the WSOP Main Event:

  • As usual, a continuous "inner monologue" when I'm involved in a hand. "This player did that and that player did this. I flopped a set but if either one has J9 he has a straight, and if another spade comes there could be a flush, but do they have it? What do they think I have?"
  • I will play as if I had several commentators watching my every play. "Whoa! Martin, this promising player from Sweden flopped a straight but Bob Smith from Alaska got a flush on the turn and the 2 of Spades on the river filled an ace-high flush for Martin. Little does he know that Bob got a straight flush from that card."
  • Check-raise, re-reaise, get "Time!" called.
  • I will truly enjoy myself. I will see in person all the sights I've so far only seen on TV and in movies (Las Vegas, CSI:Las Vegas, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Casino, Ocean's Eleven, National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation, uhm, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas). I will be walking around in a daze with my mouth open and just gawk at all the pretty lights. Swimming in the Bellagio fountain, climbing the Luxor pyramid, engaging a Caesars Palace staff member in gladiatorial combat...
  • Drink. Not get staggeringly drunk or intoxicated. Just want to get that feeling, a warm buzz, of having had a shot or three at two in the afternoon on a Sunday, or a few beers in the evening while playing poker. Or a post-dinner cocktail after being comped a meal.
  • On that note, I also have to buy someone or several people one or several drinks.
  • I will blog as often as I can. Here, and in a Swedish (poker) discussion forum I participate in. The posts may be terse, I won't have the whole afternoon or evening to compose, and I'm not a journalist. No essays going into detail, just recounting some of what happened since the last post.
  • Do something "crazy". Not necessarily gambling related, definitely not the classic and bland "Everything on Red!". I dunno, maybe a pie eating contest or karaoke or a dare. Any suggestions?
  • Schmooze. As I said before, I'll see all the sights I've only seen on TV. Now I can meet the people I've read about and seen. Bloggers, celebrities, pros. Blogging celebrity pros.
  • Make bad jokes. I simply have to arrive at the hotel desk and do the "I just flew in from Sweden and boy are my arms tired" routine.
  • I will NOT wear sunglasses and a hat at the 1-2, 2-4 or 3-6 table.
  • I WILL wear sunglasses at the WSOP tables. In fact, I'll bring several pairs. Wraparounds, Ray-Bans, novelty. I WILL do the "sunglasses upside down" thing.
  • At least once I'll have to use some really stupid deal, like "free coupon" or "players club". You know, the kind where if you "bring this voucher to the Blinga Blanga Hotel Casino and Laundromat or other venues in the Hoobadahonga chain before 2PM on Tuesdays to Thursdays and get $25 in tokens and wait an hour" you get a free meal, 10% off in the gift shop and a T-shirt.
  • Maybe I'll go to a really old, run-down place in downtown Las Vegas. Or some shady joint off-off-Strip.
  • If out from the Main Event early, either try to get sponsored into another WSOP event (or sell percents) or just enter some cheap-ish ($50-$100) tournament at some other casino, or a side game.

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