Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Crush. Kill. Destroy.

The curse is repelled. I've written before about our little biweekly homegame, a tournament (No Limit Texas Hold'em) with (progressive) rebuys with a handful of regulars and some sporadic guests. I, the most active player when it comes to hours played online and live, played nineteen (19) times with six second place and five third place finishes before finally winning.

Now I'm on a roll. Today was my third straight win in a row. Feels good. Anyway, I've always been in the lead or top two-three "scorewize" with 44 tournaments played if you use our quick'n'dirty scorekeeping with 5 points to first place and 1 point to fifth place if we're five players in the tournament. Six points to first if we're six players and so on. You see the correlation? I knew you would.

But who's counting?

Me, that's who! *mumble* *grumble*, dang young whippersnappers...

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