Friday, January 05, 2007

December gloom

In December I had a hefty decline in my bankroll, but I'm still "up". Nevertheless, it feels like I wasted the profit. The cause: Second best and suckouts. The usual; KK vs AA, set vs higher set, AA vs miracle. Flop two pair (for example KQ) to be sucked out by set on the turn.

Before Christmas I had a good run at a live cash game, doubling up twice with JQs flop TKA and 88 flop A8X where opponent hit a pair of Aces. At the live game after Christmas those profits went away. First, an expensive tournament where I chickened out with KK allowing the opponent to draw to a river Full House with 22. Then in the cash game I lost one buy-in with AA, flop A but a third Club on the turn and indeed he had the Flush (29!) "but I had outs". Then another buy-in where I don't hit anything and donk away the rest around closing time.

When will I learn?

In the two days before Christmas Eve (when we celebrate Christmas in Sweden, while some celebrate on Christmas Day) I just played around online and also played my father heads-up (he's had a good run online on low-stakes short-handed and heads-up) where I won the majority of the matchups.

Online, the days after Christmas, I tried to recoup my losses but was just treading water. Made a few attempts at satellites for a big-buy-in tournament on New Year's Day but the best I did was second place in a five-person Sit'n'Go where the winner got a seat.

Plans for January: Drop down one level in online cash games, try to place well in cheap multi-table tournaments. And make an attempt at the Full Tilt Iron Man Challenge.

Plans for 2007: Win a seat online to a major live tournament in WPT, EPT, WSOP or some Open/Million(s) or big tournament and get In The Money this time.

And/or win five figures or more in a Guaranteed/Megasatellite/Tiered kind of thing online.

Things not to do, or be reluctant to do: Play in a team or get staked. Well, I wouldn't mind being sponsored, but I don't want to share profits at a flat rate, and in a way it feels as if I would be playing with scared money.

-"Congratulations Martin, you won $100,000!"

-"But I have to split 50/50 with the backer..." *mumble mumble* *gripe gripe*

-"But that still leaves you the nice amount of $50,000!?"

-"Yeah, but those 50 could have been 100, all mine."

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