Saturday, January 27, 2007

The good old times

Like, yould would believe the time I would have tome to concentrate right now?" I am verily focussing on evey keystoke.

OK, here we go.

Remember when you hit that flow? I am far from it.

Blargh. I just have to tell you.

OK, department party where I:

  1. Danced
  2. sang
  3. bought drinks

fuck it

I will exp... env... all...

Talk more later.

Fuck, I'm incapacitted, yet I´d put it in more whatchamacallit. words.


Twelve hours later.

Note to self: Don't blog drunk. Who, in their right mind, stagger home and then start up a computer and ramble in a semicoherent way?

At least I enjoyed myself.

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