Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Since last weekend I've been struggling, fighting, kicking and screaming at Full Tilt Poker's WSOP Giveaway.

Yup, they're giving away WSOP Main Event seats, but not without effort. For a while now, they've been having Sit&Go Freerolls continuously, with 315 (named .COM) or 630 (named .NET) participants. One prize, and one prize only, in each of them - the winner gets entry into Round 2 next Saturday, the rest get absolutely nothing.

I see that for Round 2 there's max 5000 participants, but it's still only half full. In Round 2 the whole final table (9 players) get entry into the final on Sunday, the real WSOP Giveaway where there's two (2) WSOP Main Event seats up for grabs.

And there are other ways to get a WSOP seat by way of Full Tilt, check it out.

So how have I done? Well, I've played three dozen or more of these freerolls. One third place, one fourth place, one sixth place, two eleventh, two fourteenth and some more "last three tables" and generally often high placements (if it had been "normal" tournaments where about the top ten percent gets paid, I probably would have made a profit. But here it's only one prize and... second place is best loser.

Anyway, I must be doing something right if you look at how I've placed. It's worth a shot. I could go all the way. I wanna go to Vegas again! And again!

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