Friday, October 29, 2004

Chip rebuy

I travelled south by train, bus, feet and car to meet up with family to quietly celebrate my birthday. In the town where I switched from train to bus I had a few hours to kill so I wandered around "shopping". Didn't find much, but in a game store (board games, roleplaying games, card games) I found two full shelves with poker equipment. I have already bought five hundred-packs of the cheapest kind - thin interlocking 2-gram plastic chips with the distribution 50 white, 25 blue, 25 red - so I wasn't really looking for more chips, but they had some cheap (a little less than half price of really real casino-style clay chips) thick and heavy plastic chips of the brand "Marion Heavy Diamond Chips" in a transparent plastic rack so I bought a hundred. Could use them for heads-up games and (not unimportant) practicing chip tricks.

Was picked up by my mother and we went to my sister's house where I met my niece Julia for the first time. Nearly two weeks old now. Her father had e-mailed some pictures but they don't really convey the size. Babies are unbelievably tiny!

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