Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It's been a while

That took some time... I've been slugging away at the daily Expekt NLHE $1000 freerolls but they're too crowded. Around six thousand players and only 130 paid, each time. They used to have a lower maximum, three tousand. It's a matter of waiting out the all-in-every-time maniacs and slapping them silly with an AA or KK when they for the eighth time in a row bully the blinds.

But today I finally ended up "in the money" again. 113th place out of 6337 entrants, earning me $1 after nearly three hours of play. Wow! One dollar, for free! This I'll take to a Sit'n'Go table later.

And I'm going to another live tournament this Sunday. I won't have to worry if I go down to the felt (as the lingo is for being short of chips) since I'll be bringing it. The felt. Haha. You can laugh now.

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