Sunday, October 24, 2004

Rag River Kicker

Sooo, I was in another live tournament today.

There were more players in this one, 32, some of which I recognized from my first one.

I don't think I played badly, I simply got almost no playable cards. I was eaten by the blinds and cold calls. I only played one or two hands to a showdown (which I lost to better kicker), otherwise it was just fold pre- or post-flop since my hand had nothing, no made hand, no draws. Just one of those days I guess. Out at 21st place. Like many other of the outfrozen ones, I hung around and watched the final table. Ah, so there's where all the good cards, lucky draws and fantastic rivers went!

Went home, saw Sopranos where Tony Blundetto loses a (draw?) poker hand going up with three Jacks against a Full House. Madonn'! That poker is everywhere. Didn't watch WPT because it's on late and like Tony B. I have to get up early for work.

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