Thursday, December 30, 2004

Money for nothing and the chips for free

Yesterday I finally ended up "in the money" in a freeroll. It takes some waiting, since there are so many participants (usually around six to eight thousand).

You need a bit of luck to build a stack but you've also got to keep in mind that when the blinds are high and your stack is low that if you wait for good cards the payoff will be good from the blinds alone.

I was actually in sixth place (out of 914 remaining of the 7880 entrants) for a while, then I had $42000 and had started with $1000. Nearer the end I was up at $111480. Finally out at 41st place, 130 places paid, which gave me approximately $3.4. We-ell, not very good hourly wages since it took four hours but one has a shot at first place or at least the ten first, which pay better.

Altering the playing style as the game progresses is necessary. In the first stages, don't go broke. Then mix it up with tight-aggressive to make sure you rake in something with good hands. Then consolidate with only superior hands and in the end go for coin tosses.

Then today I entered a cheap Sit-n-Go ten-seater and finished second so from the day before yesterday when I had zero currency units in the account where I've never put any of my own money in, I now have $5. Which can be used for more safe playing. I think I've altered my style a bit, not gambling ("Oh, I might as well put in this too") but keeping the chips until I know I'll win.

Oh, oh, oh, the day before yesterday I went and picked up that cheap (Dice, 500 pieces, five colors, aluminum case) poker chip set I talked about. Sweet! And HEAVY. Next Tuesday it's time for the regular homegame, this will be nice.

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