Thursday, December 02, 2004

Snake eyes

At lunch today, I left work to do some christmas shopping and pick up a package (with presents I had mailordered) at the post office.

Can't tell you what I ordered as gifts (no fair peeking!) but for myself I had ordered some dice. And not just any dice, but real casino dice, you know: translucent red acrylic with no round edges, big white dots. And the online order form said that they have actually been used at a Vegas casino and removed from circulation after 8 hours of use. I look closer and at the 4-side on each there's a small indentation and then initials (or two letters) scratched on the surface.

Best of all: The casino was Binion's Horseshoe.

After work I'm now staying here to play some Hold'em online, a $1000 freeroll (1st prize $230) and later there's a $10000 freeroll. I wonder how that will go, because there are thousands of players registered. How many thousands? Well, it says "Max players: 20000" and right now "17289 entrants".

Ouch, just got knocked out of the $1000 freeroll. I had flopped a set (pair of deuces on hand, another deuce came on the flop) and slowplayed it, silly me. I simply didn't see it coming when the remaining opponent went all-in on the river and then shows a straight 2 to 6. Those itty bitty low cards. Why not a proper wheel?

I'll write more tonight when I'm $2300 richer. Buh-bye.

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