Saturday, December 04, 2004

Second place is best loser

We had another little homegame No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament, same gang as last time, but due to circumstances only four could participate so we were done rather quickly.

No good cards for me, and when I got KK on hand the flop came all diamonds, other player bet heavily but I tagged along. There was no flush though, but he had two pair. When it was only me and one other left in the game I had to go all in with a pair of sevens after the flop. He called and had nothing more than A2 on hand. The river was a deuce, haha, the only thing that can stop me now is an ace or a deuce. Yea verily, the river was another deuce and the final standings were the same as last time; same guy winning, me in second place (only the buy-in back this time) and same guy finishing last.

We use the cheap Bicycle poker chips I have, they're really not very nice but will do when you don't have anything else. I found a great deal on a 500 pieces (five colors, a hundred of each) set in an aluminum case. Only 499 of our currency units, other stores take 1000-2000 for it. However, I travelled to the nearest outlet this weekend since I was doing some christmas shopping anyway and they were sold out. "We might get some more next week" but when I called to check they said there were none in this weeks delivery, maybe next week. But then it's all that christmas hoopla so then I can't pick it up. I might get lucky in the days between christmas and New Year's eve. Or I could get a set for christmas. I've let Santa know.

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