Thursday, March 31, 2005

Oh no, not again!

Once again it's our biweekly NL Texas Hold'em homegame. Two news this time:

  • We started with 3000 in chips instead of 2000 as earlier, but with the same blinds structure. Starting at 25/50 and then incrementing with 50 on the big blind. This made a significant change in play style, when players can afford to play the stack, not just the cards. Earlier it was mostly calling or just raising the minimum (the amount of the big blind). More "proper" play, room for re-raises and large raises. Also, earlier, when someone had more chips and could do that, well, then the blinds had gone up so you were still gambling a large portion of your stack.
  • A female player! The girlfriend of one of the regulars partook. She finished last but played well, no insecurity, no mistakes, just not good cards. Other girlfriends are also welcome.

I came in third (out of six). Had a large stack but took a huge blow when I had pair of aces (A3 clubs on hand) and fought it out with one other player who had AQ on hand. Only room for one or two mistakes in No Limit, remember that. He later finished first (for the first time). Next time it has to be my turn to win, I've never won one of these homegames, mostly second or third place. I made a very unscientific summation of our homegames, awarding three points for first place, two for second and one for third and disregarding how many times you had played. Then I was third total with nine points, leader had eleven and second total ten.

Oh well, I can console myself with my performance in yesterday's $1000 freeroll. 136th place out of 11192 entrants which gave me a whopping two dollars. These I can then take to a cheap Sit-n-go table and hopefully increase more and more and more.

Or finish fourth.

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