Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tighter than a tight thing

Yes, yes, yet another of our biweekly homegames of No Limit Texas Hold'em.

There's always something. This time we had two new players and this was our most populated tournament. Seven players, lots of action.

They've really tightened up, aren't calling just to satisfy their curiosity. As always, there's something special at every event. This time it was the twos. The deuces. The ducks. One hand was won by a pair of deuces on the river and there were one or two full houses with deuces in them and probably some trips too.

I came in fourth (out of seven) and as all the others had substantial swings. Some all-ins worked but my final one (All-in works all the time except for the last time. Funny that.) with a short-stacked JA off-suit was beat by a pair of sixes. No rebuys for me this time.

I've never won one of these homegames. Quite a few second places but never paid substantially. I'd like to win once or twice and then use the winnings to supplement my equipment. I've got a nice chipset, proper decks, a green felt but would really really like one of those foldable octagonal thingumajigs with trays.

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