Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Time for another installment of our regular biweekly Tuesday homegame, no-limit Texas Hold'em. The guys (we were only five today, I'll address that later) are getting tougher, everybody lasted long and there was only one rebuy. Tight play by everyone but playing top pair usually brought in the pot, unless there were straight or flush draws.

There's always one or more "legendary" hands, ones that are brought up in subsequent games "Do you remember when...". Today's was when MA went all-in after the flop and TS called, with more chips. The cards are turned over, MA has flopped a pair of Aces, TS trips Jacks. Turn gives nothing and I point out that the only thing that can save MA now is an Ace on the river. Of course it comes. Ph34r my v00d00 skillz!

I'm in the final, heads-up against TS who has never won at our homegames before and often finished last (sometimes blaming that he has to catch a bus home). We're about equal in stack size, but that's eaten up with heavy betting on top pair (Jacks) by me and he calls and rivers a higher pair. The last hand: I only have a few hundred left in chips and BB is 300. So to end the pain I go all-in since it's all or nothing, not worth waiting one more hand. "With what?!", you ask, dear reader. Why, Two Seven off-suit of course. The mother of all hands! The Hammer! I actually make a pair of deuces but no help against his Kings. We have a new winner, and I'm back at my customary second place after a short slump.

Now, one of the regulars didn't play today. Some mutterings were heard about this being because he'd never won and girlfriend didn't like that.

So I've tossed an idea out to some and will try to make it happen:

Girlfriends are allowed at Biweekly Poker Night. If they play.

Not impossible. One I've heard has mentioned an interest in being dealer. Another has mentioned finding WPT Hollywood Home Game fun to watch. And we're very civil, the only Guy Thing we do is drink beer, there's almost no farting and very little bad language.

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