Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bubble boy

Went to yet another little poker (THE) tournament locally. Roughly the same faces as at the local tournament I won and as at the regular tournaments in the nearby city.

We're twentyfour players and it's a one rebuy+one addon tournament.

Well, not much to say about the playing. Play solid, don't get impatient and hoopla; I have a nice stack. I make the addon. We're down to two tables and now I switch gears and don't only play solid hands, time for ye olde position raises, reraises, all-ins and also maybe some minor acting to get small stacks before you to play even though you're going to fold. Make them risk being knocked out.

Final table! Eight players, fairly evenly stacked for the current blinds but with one big and two smaller.

I'm saved by the river once or twice, and we're six players left. And it's five places paid.

I lose a fair portion of my stack with a flopped two-pair with low cards against a flopped three-of-a-kind that became a full house on the river.

Shortstacked in the small blind and all before me have folded I look at 55 in the hole cards. All in! Big blind calls with AQo, flop has an ace and no more help for me.

Dang! As I said, five places paid and I'm out at sixth. THE BUBBLE.

Went home and logged on to teh Intarweb to write this up and to check if there's any freeroll tournaments coming up. Nope. Thinking about changing the code of this blog a little, I've been contacted by some people about affiliates, linking and ads. But, yawn, not today.

I play and win a play money Sit'n'go out of sheer frustration.

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