Saturday, May 07, 2005

Come to a grinding start

I've done some serious bonus whoring these last days.

First I took what I had left of the winnings from a live tournament and padded it out so I had an even $200. I took that to a site where I've only played freerolls so far and deposited it for the maximum possible 25% bonus. The cashout criterion was 100 raked hands (have to be dealt cards in a hand raked at least 25 cents) and I grrrinded it out in a day or two of low-limit fixed-limit Texas Hold'em and finished break-even after taking the small winnings and playing Sit'n'Gos and multitable tournaments.

That done, I cashed out the $200 and left the bonus there for now, for playing. Now, on to the real bonus grinding. Via an affiliate or such, I created an account at a site renowned for being soft but you can't multitable. Put the $200 there and got another 25% bonus. To cash that bonus out you have to "wager" twenty times the bonus, meaning I have to move $1000 around. However, the big perk is that by signing up through the affiliate and playing 300 raked hands (requisite: player has to enter money into the pot, not just be dealt cards, has to be at least a flop) I'll get to choose a prize from the affiliate. A 300-chip set or, YES, one of those octagonal tabletops with chip and drink trays. I already have a 500-chip set so tabletop it is. Finally!

At the latter site I took some of the ground out earnings so far and entered a $10000 Guranteed multitable tournament. 535 entrants, 50 places paid, 1st prise $2500, 50th $50. And I did oh so well in the first hour and a half, was up to around 20th place stackwize. Took one big hit when opponent hit a river flush, managed to claw my way back upwards and then went out at 97th place when my all-in at the turn with a 9-K straight was called by a 10-A straight.

Well, I'll just play limit Hold'em by the book all weekend until I've fulfilled the requirements, then I won't play online for a week or more. I'm seeing green ovals before my eyes everywhere, doctor, is that bad?

But the fishing's goood.

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