Thursday, May 12, 2005

Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full

Wow, our busiest biweekly homegame (No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament) so far.

Nine players, and there were five rebuys, making for a nice prize pool. With that many players I really should've made it "three places paid" but two were late entrants and I couldn't be bothered to change the settings in The Tournament Director. I really should've, because I came in third. Second place to Doc, the winner of the last three tournaments and first place to J who has won three tournaments before. This was our twelfth homegame. Soon we'll have to start vetting or requiring registration because A) The tabletop I'll be getting only has eight places and B) More than ten would require two tables and more organization than "bring the laptop, chips and three beers", it's supposed to be an entertaining homegame, not a big affair.

In other news, I've been grinding away at the bonus requirements at my latest online poker parlor with the strategy to play low limit (0.5/1) until I have enough for a multitable tournament entry, then make a try there. So-so, but at least I'm a contender.

Two more live tournaments with around 30-40 players coming up at the end of May and beginning of June. Really feels like I'm part of the local poker circuit now.

Also a stag party this Saturday and a dentist's appointment Wednesday. And a new album from The Epoxies next week.

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