Thursday, July 07, 2005

Super nice

Ah, the biweekly homegame, NL Texas Holdem. The couple at whose home we play have moved, from part of a house to renting a house of their own with a view of a lake and a huuuge garden with many diverse fruits and berries.

Also a humongous sundeck or whatchamacallit, going round the whole front of the house, probably as large in area as their whole previous domicile. That's where we sat and played, the five of us. Super nice, in the sun, with beer.

Nothing special happened in the poker playing, I managed to hit some sets with low pairs and finished second (as usual). Hopefully we'll be a full (8 seats) table the next time, what with people's availability and inviting grillfiends girlfriends. More beer!

I'm on vacation and have vowed to drink at least a liter of beer (about a quart for you Imperial types) daily, preferably lager.

Oh, played some poker when I was down south to visit the family. Five card draw with my mother when we babysat my niece. It was close, I just barely won.

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