Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cracked cards cause commotion

Nope. Dagnammit. I did not qualify in the monthly satellite for the Swedish online poker championship (No Limit Texas Holdem) that I got a place in via a subsatellite.

310 others had also qualified in the previous weekly subsats of June, and a hundred more had bought a place in the monthly final. This time, everybody was very careful in the early stages. I'm at average stacks size the whole time until after 45 minutes. Earlier I had seen players being knocked out in the "usual" situations. KK beaten by AA. AA beaten by QQ with a Queen coming on the turn after all-in.

Now, I get AA as hole cards, blinds are 25/50 and I bet heavy preflop. One or two callers. The turn is TQ4, bet heavy again and one player calls. Turn is a Queen and I bet heavy and one player goes all-in with what he has left, a few hundred more for me. Call, and river was a five.

I was thinking (but not knowing) that he had a straight draw or a low pair. I had two pair, AAQQ. Nopes. He had TT on hand, meaning full house, Tens full of Queens and that left me severely crippled. Never recovered from it, went out on an all-in with a low pocket pair, sevens or eights.

322nd place of 411.

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