Monday, June 06, 2005

Home game family pot

Well, now I've played poker (tournament Texas Hold'em) with the family and I turned a profit, although I didn't win all the times we played. Won the first tournament, then we played two more. Another day, I won the first but not the two subsequent.

My father only had two or three modes, inspired by an amateur in a Swedish televised poker tournament; fold, limp or all-in. Risky business. But when I had J9 on hand and the flop came AJ9 I had two pair and immediately called his all-in. Of course, then he had AA on hand.

The very last time we played, it was me and my sister heads-up. I get AA! The flop comes 4, 4, something. The nut two pair. All-in! Nope, sis had Q4 and no more help for me.

Oh yeah, I brought the octagonal tabletop, it was greatly appreciated. Even by my eight month old niece who in a baby seat by the table vigourosly thumped and tapped the table, mimicking our actions. "Hey kiddo: A) You're acting out of turn, B) You're not even in this game."

We went shopping the day I went home. Some clothes for me and I found some more poker equipment, a metal box with two decks, a poker mat and 200 chips. For travel? Only $10. I used the poker winnings to buy the niece a denim jacket and trousers, to compensate for all the fluffy frilly pink stuff she usually gets.

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