Friday, June 10, 2005

That's why they call him the streak

Boogie-dy, boogie-dy

What a week! Tuesday: Up $75 at PartyPoker at the frigging $0.5/$1 fixed limit in three hours (plus $20 from a second place in a Sit'n'Go as well). Thursday: Up $25 at $0.5/$1 fixed limit in forty minutes. I also entered the Steps Challenge there. I tried Mini Steps, you enter at Step 1 for $5 + $1 or buy in directly at higher levels, in a ten-seat Sit'n'Go. The winner or top ranks go on to the next step and so on, up to Step 5 where the payoff is. $2000 to 1st place (down to 5th place), which you can reach with a measly $6. And the good thing is that you have to be very bad to drop out. Once you've entered in the steps, depending on your placement you're not completely knocked out, you loop back down to Step 1 or the previous level. Seriously, check the desciption at the link.

So, I entered at Step 1. Won it! That meant I got a freeroll into Step 2, where I'm sad to report that I didn't do too well and finished 8th. But not out, I'm back to Step 1. Played another one, finished 4th and could then "Try again Step 1". Today Friday I did try again, yet again finishing 4th and still can try again at Step 1. For just $6 you can have a shot at $2000 to $200. And that's just the Mini Steps. At Step Higher you can go for $25000 for an initial buy-in of $30 + $3. So if you're a reasonable Sit'n'Go player, give it a try.

But that's not all I have to tell you today... Expekt, a Prima Poker Network skin, will be holding the online poker Swedish Championship final in November. They will be having monthly satellites where one in five entrants go on to the final. And also weekly subsatellites where one in five go on to the monthly satellite. And I entered the very first subsatellite today, for $10.

I won't retell hand histories, but there were a few iffy situations. OK, 791 entrants. One in five go on, remember? Soo, the first 158 get a place in the monhly final and 159th gets his $10 back.

Ahum, ahem, ahaw. Twentyseventh place! I'm going to Disneyland the monthly final! And from there to the final with a $500000 prize pool guaranteed (could be more) with at least $125000 for the winner. Yeah baby, big time booyah!

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