Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh? Maha!

Yesterday was the biweekly homegame tournament again. Instead of Texas Holdem we tried Omaha Holdem. OK, so now we've tried it but it won't happen again. It seemed much more random than Texas, an excellent Texas hand could easily be dead after the flop, turn and/or river (straights and flushes are much more common in Omaha Holdem, so your little AA or KK could be worthless). And sometimes we had to think hard about who won. "Oh, you won. No, by the way, it's a split pot. Never mind, you have the flush." Play was wild, saw a few multi-way all-ins.

Doc won again, he's on an incredible streak. I came in third (out of six). One of these days, Alice...

As I wrote earlier, I found a really chip poker set, 200 chips, 2 decks and a mat, in a tin box. This I brought to the game as a secret bonus prize the others could by in to, which they all did making me break even on the cost. P, our female player, won it on Best Hand, and she also finished second. Not necessarily highest, best, decided by the remaining players. Hers was a full house, kings over tens with two kings in the hole cards and a king on the river, beating other player's tens over queens (three tens on the board). If I recall correctly. I regret one thing, and that is that I should have bought more of those sets at that price. Excellent little gift, better than flowers or wine.

Hit a slump in my online playing after an initial good streak, but I'm still up a few hundred. Prepping for the monthly final in a week where one in five go on to the big final in November, Swedish Championship in online poker.

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