Thursday, June 09, 2005

Why oh why

Yesterday was the XIVth biweekly homegame, this time with my new tabletop.

Five participants. As I've written before, we've adjusted the parameters to maximize play. Start with 25/50 blinds and 3000 in chips. Progressive rebuy so if you make a rebuy you don't get 3000, you get a few hundred more, depending on what round it is. This to give the rebuyer a fighting chance since the others have more. It's supposed to be an enjoyable little homegame, not cutthroat knockout freezeout highrolling yadda yadda.

It seems like everyone was chip leader and/or raked in a monster pot at one time or another.

Some fun hands I was involved in:

  • I have 2, 6 clubs in an unraised Big Blind. Two clubs on the flop and another on the turn, giving me a flush. Bet heavy, called, bet heavy, called. Opponent turns over three of a kind, tens (and he had one (1) club). A few thousand to me, thank you.
  • Heavy betting all around, but no all-ins. Finally there are four clubs on the board, the highest of which is a ten. At the showdown, I'm first and I show a flush, Jack high. Player after me smirks and turns over flush, Queen high. Last player grins and turns over flush, Ace high. Hilarity, congratulation and applause ensues. Even more so when yet another (who folded after the flop) says she folded the King... of clubs. Stupid Royal Flush for being fragmented among all the players and board cards.
  • I don't even recall what I had. Nothing good at least, maybe a flush draw or an Ace. Anyhoo, the flop has a seven in it. Turn is a two. River is another two. XX722 on the board. You know what the opponent had. Yes, he had 2, 7 off-suit. Full house deuces and sevens. The Hammer!

I was out at fourth place. Had a massive chip lead for a while but I wasted it on medium starting hands folded after the flop. A little bit too much chasing.

Doc won again, against Mr Ace-flush + 27-house (who really earned his spot today, he was worth it).

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