Monday, August 22, 2005

Good but small

Played in a multitable tournament at PartyPoker, No Limit Texas Holdem and it went be-a-utifully.

In one of the early hands, could be the third or fourth dealt, I got KK as hole cards. In the very next, AA. And in the very next, QQ. All were played to an all-in situation with me making the allin and someone calling or vice versa and I won all. I won all of them! Three consecutive monsters. I can't recall what hands I made, if I maybe cracked Aces with three of a kind, Queens or something, I just won and that's what matters.

A few deals later, JJ, same story. So, after just about ten, fifteen minutes of play I'm up to 4800 in chips, starting with 1000. One minor setback, down to 3100 with KAo when someone shorter than me goes all-in pre-flop and I call, flop a pair of Aces against his pair of nines as hole cards, and he rivers a Three of a kind, nines. That is recovered soon when I flop a Ten-to-Ace straight.

It's very nice to have the muscle to really play poker; stealing blinds, slowplaying, trapping, semibluffing in addition to the grinding. I have no statistics, but I really haven't played many hands but when I do, I win or know when I'm beat. Had a good run at a Sit'n'Go or two the other day. The statistics in the client said "Showdowns won: 100%". That's good playin' dontcher think?

I take out two players with well not short but vertically sub-par stacks, in one deal when I with JQ call two all-ins pre-flop and get a 9-to-King straight against low pairs as hole cards for both opponents. I cannot be stopped! If only they had a count of scalps, how many players one has knocked out.

After nearly three hours, with 2421 players registered and 220 paid, I'm out, in the money, at 188th place.

Too effing bad that it was a "$2+0 with $500 added to the prizepool" tournament and my prize was $3.73. But I was a contender, and 1st prize was $1122 which isn't bad, considering the buyin of $2.

Oh well, next weekend there'll be a live tournament with the local poker crowd, stakes a bit higher than usual and with rebuys and addon. Last time I played with them, I just made a/one rebuy and finished 8th with six places paid and the prizepool was quite high. This could be a big one and also with more participants than usual, they're aiming for 40 when we're usually around 20. Many participants, rebuys and addons... With this crowd, I've always (except once, but I made up the loss at a cashgame) been at the final table and once in the money (1st place).

The weekend after that, it's a freezeout at the "regional" poker club. Usually a packed event, 40-50 participants.

Oh, this Wednesday, the usual biweekly homegame that was postponed a week.

I feel confident and have a good feeling about this. These could be big ones. Shuffle up and deal.

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