Monday, August 29, 2005

Show me the money

So, yesterday I was at the big local tournament, No Limit Texas Holdem with rebuys and addon.

We were 38 players and I brought a laptop with the excellent poker tournament management software The Tournament Director. This makes it easy for all to participate, otherwise you'd almost need one person not playing, just coordinating players.

There are quite a lot of rebuys and many of the players make addons, more than half the prize pool is made up of rebuys and addons. I also make rebuy and addon.

I hit almost nothing, cardwize. Low pairs, face card plus nothing, low suited connectors mostly. When I do hit something everybody folds to my bet or allin. So my stack is eaten up by blinds and I'm out at 26th place.

Well, now I can help out running the tournament. Picking up trash, chip racing, and the most fun part, handling money. All seats at the final table (we had 8 player tables) get paid, albeit that 8th place got 1% of the prize pool. "Feel free to visit your money any time" is an old casino/gambling saying. So I visited the money and counted out the various prizes. Hmm, large sums and in those denominations, money isn't that bulky. You could fit a million in a briefcase. Or in this case, 25000 SEK in a cookie jar.

At the heads up, I saw one (small) pot go to Two Seven off suit (The Hammer) that had hit a pair of sevens.

I recognized most of the faces at the tournament and as always everybody were polite and there to play poker and have fun. Food and beverage was provided during a break.

Finally it's over and I drive home and play online and win two small shorthanded (6 players) Sit-n-Gos out of sheer momentum while also filling a reload bonus requirement at fixed limit tables.

This Wednesday it's our usual biweekly homegame and we'll be quite a lot of people this time. Maybe two tables? And then there's a freezeout tournament this Sunday, booked full with fifty participants. Then it's almost time for a hiatus from poker for me for a week or two.

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