Monday, October 17, 2005

Drinking, gambling and chasing girls

What about that for a headline, eh? Drinking, gambling and chasing girls.

Well, this weekend I, my brother-in-law and some of his friends went on an organized bus tour to a whisky tasting exhibition where you had a selection of hundreds of whisk(e)ys to choose from. Me, I deviated from the single malt scotch purists and sampled the Jack Daniels, Four Roses and Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbons in addition to some fine Bowmore and Caol Ila, confirming my opinion that I prefer Bourbon and/or Islay.

From there, the tour went on to the casino for a three-course meal and then gambling. I've never played Hold'em at a real casino before but I know how to behave, so I went to the poker room and politely asked the brush if there was room for me at a low-limit table. I was put on the waiting list and sat with the guys at the low stakes Black Jack table for a while (a slight profit there), then went and asked again. And again. Then a spot opened up and I could sit down, provided that noone above me on the waiting list arrived within fifteen minutes.

How nice and cool it was to sit at a Real Poker Table with a Real Dealer! In a black suit and plaid tie. I couldn't do it for long and grind all night since the bus tour leaves at eleven thirty sharp. Pity, because I took a hit on my stack with my King-high flush against Guy With Diamond Earstud to my right who had the Ace flush. Oh well, we must do it again some time.

Now, what about the "chasing girls" part of the headline? My nice little niece celebrated her first birthday this weekend and although she doesn't walk unsupported yet, she can achieve high speed crawling. I helped out with the party with approximately ten other kids from four months to five years. I was in charge of the fish pond, translating video games and general herding.

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