Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I started playing at a fairly new site, PokerBlue. Since it's new, there aren't many players, on a typical day maybe 700-800 logged on (as compared to the bigger sites with (tens of) thousands. And this is good how? Well, not much competition in tournaments. The key word here is overlay. I participated in a multitable tournament with $10 buyin with $100 added by the site and there were only thirty participants meaning the prize pool was $400 instead of $300, that's a big difference. Yes, I finished in the money.

Also (as the banner above says) fish. At a fixed limit table I saw one player capping the pot a few betting rounds and at the river there were four hearts on the table. Showdown and the opponent shows a heart face card, winning. The capper/loser? King and Ace of spades. "Gee golly gosh, they say you should raise with Big Slick, huh?" Yeah, preflop... And look at the board will you?

Some facts:

  • A 100% up to $600 signup bonus which you fulfill by playing raked hands (Frequent Player Points).
  • Big Fat Weekly Freerolls. To be eligible, simply open an account with $100 or more, then play four hours on at $1/$2 limit or higher or any no-limit game. Then you get invited to a freeroll in which you can win a $10000 seat at a WPT or WSOP live tournament. This offer is open until October 16 2005.

To get this, use my bonus code Marthyn or use this PokerBlue link.

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