Monday, July 03, 2006

Seat unglued

Silly me. Airplane seating crisis averted. No longer relegated to the worst seats in the back.

You see, they (Delta) have this neat thing called Internet and a website. In color! There you can log in with your confirmation number to check your itinerary and choose your seat. Silly silly me. Available seats shown, just click and select, with a SeatGuru browser window open beside it to get the best pick.

So now I've got window seats instead, I'd like that so I can see the U.S. (first time over there, ya know), gaze across the Atlantic Ocean, and see Las Vegas from above when we arrive, and so on. Except on the return flight across the Atlantic, instead of the large-ish economy section with hundreds of seats there were some Economy seats in a sort of mini-cabin with a dozen seats or so near the front, just behind the Elite and Business sections. So I might sneak in there and gather up the leftovers, some pate de foie gras , Bollinger and marinated lark's tongue.

Or I could simply get lucky and be upgraded. Just because I'm so nice.

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