Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not this time

WSOP update:

Waited nine months and I'm out after nine hours.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Simply Vegas

Been in Vegas for two days and nights now. Lovin' it, but too zonked out to write anything lengthy right now. More on Sunday, the day of rest. My WSOP play starts tomorrow Saturday. Been getting up to speed with a $22 morning tournament at the Gold Coast where I'm staying. Placed 11th of 62. And the $1/$2 NL cash game at the Orleans.

Joe Hachem smiled and waved back when I smiled and waved at him. I've seen Greg and Doyle. Rawk.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

All systems gogogo

This is Sunday. Wednesday I leave for Las Vegas and playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Did I just say that?

Found out my starting day, I'll start playing Saturday, day 1B. There will be four Day 1 since there are so many participants. They're expecting 8000 or more, and I read something somewhere a few days ago that there are already more than 5000 registered.

So, play Saturday. Then day 1A and 1B are combined on Tuesday and then the next day of play is Friday where some time during the day the players will be In The Money. What will it be for me? Ones or zeroes? 0, 10000, 100000, 1000000 or 10000000 dollars?

Finished packing today, now I just have to leave. Will be flying for fourteen hours plus some hours waiting at airports. Who cares, I'm going to Vegas. Vegas, baby, Veeegaaas!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Seat unglued

Silly me. Airplane seating crisis averted. No longer relegated to the worst seats in the back.

You see, they (Delta) have this neat thing called Internet and a website. In color! There you can log in with your confirmation number to check your itinerary and choose your seat. Silly silly me. Available seats shown, just click and select, with a SeatGuru browser window open beside it to get the best pick.

So now I've got window seats instead, I'd like that so I can see the U.S. (first time over there, ya know), gaze across the Atlantic Ocean, and see Las Vegas from above when we arrive, and so on. Except on the return flight across the Atlantic, instead of the large-ish economy section with hundreds of seats there were some Economy seats in a sort of mini-cabin with a dozen seats or so near the front, just behind the Elite and Business sections. So I might sneak in there and gather up the leftovers, some pate de foie gras , Bollinger and marinated lark's tongue.

Or I could simply get lucky and be upgraded. Just because I'm so nice.

Playing position

In some games of poker, your position on the table in relation to the dealer matters. But that's not what I'm writing about right now. Oh, come to think of it, what's the name of this blog? "Glued to the seat".

I just got an updated and detailed itinerary for my flight(s) to and from Las Vegas. I'll be flying from Copenhagen airport with Delta, who started flying from there in... May 2006 , I think.

Over at SeatGuru, "The ultimate source for airplane seating, in-flight amenities and airline information", you can find information about good and bad seats on many, if not all (major) airlines and their different aircraft.

Looks like I drew the short straw in seating assignment, the itinerary I got had seat numbers on it. On all flights (two legs, Copenhagen-Atlanta and Atlanta-Las Vegas, return ticket) except one, I got a seat farthest back. The Atlanta-LV one is the worst, marked in red at SeatGuru. And all except one are aisle seats. Hope I make it to the money at the WSOP so I can get another classier flight home.

Not good... Farthest back will probably mean last one off, having to go through the whole plane when boarding with everybody and their grandma, farthest from everything (amenities) et cetera. Worst of everything.

How could this be? I booked early (in March, for travelling July-August), but maybe that's it? "They" start filling from the back.

My hope will be that they're not booked 100% full and that my timing is right at the check-in desk. Just point out to them that I got poor seats all over and could they possibly put me anywhere else?

Any hints on how to play that? I'm not looking for a free upgrade to business or first class, just out of the back. Found some, the number one tip is to be at check-in early when they can still juggle around. Number two seems to be to get "tagged", so to speak, as someone who can be moved around. Easier to shift one person/seat around when filling out the plane than to accomodate a group (a family or other group who want to be seated together). But arrive early.

Or maybe I just misinterpret the Seat: field in the itinerary, and they're not assigned until check-in.