Saturday, May 29, 2004

I won at WSOP 2004!

A $500 freeroll. Nope, out at 368th place of 1271. Before that, I had warmed up with some Play Money heads-up play. Whooped one guy four times in a row.

But I did win some (real) money on poker today. Or from poker. By poker? With poker? Poker-related winnings, OK?

The place where I play online poker, Ladbrokes Poker also has the usual bookmaking, sports betting and such. You could bet money on who would win World Series of Poker 2004. I bet 100 Swedish crowns yesterday on Greg Raymer winning, which would give the odds 5/2. He was chip leader at the final table. I also bet, for patriotic (fellow Swede and all) and greedy reasons, 100 crowns on Mattias 'PokerMats' Andersson winning. That gave the odds 16/1 since he was short-stacked. Hedging my bets here...

Greg won, giving me 350 crowns, and I had put in 200 in total. +150 SEK.

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