Sunday, May 09, 2004

The river gets me every time

I, yes, play in another online Hold'Em tournament. $1 real money entry fee. A thousand players max, but there were only 302 participants. Thirty places paid, from $82 to the winner down to two bucks for the guy in 30th place.

I play extra carefully, evaluating the few turns and rivers I'm in, not just autoplaying. I never go "on tilt". In the middle of the field all of the time until when the one hour break nears. I get to 28th place of 102 remaining with a pair of threes, calling a short-stacked sucker who went all-in. Then I get to 13th place of 94 with a nice flush. After an hour of play, a break for five minutes, then we start again.

I'm chip leader of my table for a while, but it dwindles away when I call some draws that could have gone somewhere. The blinds are getting higher, you see. We're up to Level 9, 300/600 blinds and I have 5710 in chips. 34th out of 57 remaining players. I barely play, but my bankroll shrinks and shrinks with the blinds and calls. I get KJ(clubs) in the pocket and go for it, after the flop I have to go all-in since I have pair of jacks, am shortstacked and I won't do better. And I could have won if one other player hadn't gotten two pair with the nine on the river. Out at 48th place after ninety minutes of play. Drat, dang and fiddlesticks. I coulda bin a contenda!

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